Save Money By Learning Photoshop and Camera Raw

Over the past few months I have purchase quite a few photoshop plugins, most of which, do the same thing. Like most people caught up in the techno frenzy, I need the latest and greatest. After a few months I have noticed two things, my images all became over-processed and photoshop & lightroom have become bloated. THE SOLUTION: Stick to Photoshop and Camera Raw for 90% of my work. The only plugins I have installed on my system now are Nik, Topaz Impression and Lumenzia for Luminocity masks. A lot can be accomplished with Photoshop Layers and Masks… All you have to do is learn them and save some money. Check out these two articles I found:

7 Signs That You Have Over-Processed Your Photographs

Are You Guilty of these 5 Over-Processing Sins?

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