What do you do if you have a bunch of photos that are just okay — whether the composition is off or the background is horrible. You could delete them from your hard drive to save space, or you could take what you like from each of them and create something altogether different.

If you are looking to get into Photoshop compositing, or are looking for some inspiration check out Arun Kumar’s You Tube channel. He is quite an accomplished composite.  (Note:  there is no audio explanations, only music in the background.  Sometimes he moves fast, so be prepared to do a bit of replaying.)

Many of us who have been using photoshop over the years have toyed with basic compositing and tweaks, but the videos on Arun’s channel shows that going beyond the basics and spending some time on the fine details really makes the difference. It’s not hard and you end up with some beautiful creations. Watch his videos and get compositing

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